About Our Program

The gentle, stretching moves that we'll learn together in class will, over time, help to improve some of these common problems.

Flat Feet


Plantar Fasciitis

Heel Pain

Pelvic floor disorder/incontinence/pelvic organ prolapse

Back problems (chronic pain, herniated disk, spinal fracture, scoliosis, hyperkyphosis)

Joint pain (hips, knees, ankles)

Poor balance/fall prevention

What kind of moves are we talking about?

Our movements contain muscle lengthening stretches with alignment and joint positioning to help maximize the muscles and bones in the foot.  They are created to help you support your own body weight properly and use no additional weights or machines for strengthening.  You'll discover how to really use your feet the way they are intended to be used.

Each movement affects the whole body, so as you properly move your feet, your knees, hips, and your back will all improve as well.  Because these movements are gentle, there is no risk of going "too far" or doing the moves too many times. Through regular practice of these stretches and movements, you'll find many common foot  and other problems disappear.

What's involved in a healthy foot movement session?

You'll learn more about how the feet work - and how they work in relation to the rest of your body.  We’ll discuss how shoe choices affect your feet and, in fact, your entire body.  We'll learn how to make footwear choices for long term foot health. 

Then we'll do some great movements for the feet and learn how to undo old habits which may have been the root cause of your foot issues in the first place.

We'll end our sessions with a relaxing foot soak and self massage for the feet that will leave you feeling great all over.

And I'll give you tips and hints for incorporating these moves into your daily routine to keep your feet in tip top condition.  Without paying a monthly gym fee, and without needing to change out of your everyday clothes!


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