You'll be surprised.  You'll be challenged.  You'll want to re-evaluate your shoe closet.  You'll be thankful.

That's how I felt.  After years and years (and years) of foot issues and other seemingly unrelated health problems I was surprised to discover how many of my little and big issues eventually centered on something in my feet.

Challenged with this new information I have been changing how I walk, stand, sit, move and more.

I've given away and thrown away a number of shoes.  I've replaced many of those with shoes I never thought I'd wear again in my life.

And I'm thankful.  I am thankful that my feet rarely or never hurt anymore.  I am thankful that my ankles don't click when I climb the stairs.  I am thankful to know what I can do to alleviate twangs and pains in my knees and hips almost instantly.  I'm thankful my bathroom habits are, um, regular.  I'm thankful for how much better I feel all over.

So thankful am I that I decided to learn even more, study even harder and get certified as a healthy foot practitioner™.  And here I am.

And here you are. Let me help you and your feet help your whole body to feel better!

I received my Healthy Foot Practitioner™ training through the Restorative Exercise Institute and Nutritious Movement. The training involves a thorough education of foot mechanics, how foot function affects whole-body health, and the role of footwear on foot health and foot pain. 

Nutritious Movement is a science-based education facility dedicated to optimizing long-term health of the human machine through proper understanding of how habits of posture and alignment affect organ and system function.


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